I do not have weed in my freezer

I’m not into that, but I am into fresh herbs.


This simple concoction of Italian parsley, thyme, rosemary (and garlic) makes everything taste like you care – hooray!


Chop them finely, strain the parsley with cheesecloth, add salt and pepper and bread crumbs to keep it from getting soggy.  Done.

Prepping food is the most time consuming part of cooking, which means ordering pizza is smarter.  But if you want to cook, chopping a bunch of this stuff at one time and freezing it makes it way less of a chore.  You’ll be set for months – seasoning for chicken, beef, vegetables, ANYthing.

What short-cuts do you use to make stuff (life) easier?

5 thoughts on “I do not have weed in my freezer

  1. I know a similar thing for indian recipes, mash garlic and ginger and freeze that in tablespoon-portions – or an ice-cube-form – that way you get only garlic hands once!

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