Drama Olympics

Trigger Warning: personal responsibility and global perspective will be discussed openly in this post.

This week’s Drama Olympics is being hosted by a select group of students at Yale.

They are yelling and swearing at the faculty members who dared to circulate an e-mail stating they didn’t feel the need to police Halloween costumes.  The e-mail further stated that to do so would be the opposite of empowering these capable young people.  Unfortunately the notion of not being protected from mean Halloween costumes left some students feeling so “unsafe” they started a petition to have those two administrators terminated.  Some students are still so distraught they can’t attend classes, and some are leaving school entirely.


Are you KIDDING me?  The only people who appear to need protection at Yale are the faculty members.

Here’s a tiny piece of perspective –  also known as a graph of REAL problems in the world.

Global Crisis

The red color seen everywhere but America is water crisis, the spread of infectious disease, large-scale involuntary migration, food crisis, profound social instability, and failure of urban planning.

The orange you see no where in America is terrorist attacks.

You know what’s missing from the globe entirely?  Lack of rules about Halloween costumes.

I wish the faculty members would tell them to knock it off and get back to class, but they can’t because college students across America are demanding to be protected from ideas and words they don’t like.  Correspondingly, these two administrators will be hosting a brunch in their home so they can appropriately acknowledge the social injustice of not being protected from Halloween costumes.


Here’s my solution:  give all these students a Hello Kitty journal so they can vent without disrupting the entire campus.  Amazon sells them for under $14.  Definitely cheaper than a brunch at Yale.

One thought on “Drama Olympics

  1. It’s great to know that the next generation preparing themselves at such a prestigious institution have such a firm grasp of what the important issues are. We can all sleep sound tonight.

    The kids got it covered.

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